Born and resident  in  Valencia (Spain).  In my beginnings, founder  of Digital Face Studio”,  equipped with  professional  lighting  systems   for modeling, artistic images and editorial products for agencies. Later I found in street photography the most natural human expressions like the environment where they operate, enjoying with spontaneity and improvisation. 
This discipline offers a form of expression based on my own artistic version, discovering another concept of the image sharing the senses, composition, light and the feeling of the viewer. 
Now with site,  the  black and white has been the most complete tool  to  perceive the lights,  shadows  and  details  that  make  up  a good photograph.  Today's  world I use photography for artistic and personal growth.  Create  images that offer moments,  sensations to contemplate without haste, with the necessary time to enjoy a good interpretation between the author, the actor and the observer. 
Why black & white pictures:​​​​​​​ The main difference between black and white photography and color photography lies in the representation of tones and colors in the image. Here are some key differences:
Hue: In black and white photography, the image is rendered in shades of gray, from pure white to absolute black, without any color cast. This allows you to bring out the image's composition, shape, and texture in a more direct way by eliminating the distraction of color.
Color: In color photography, the actual colors of the scene are captured and displayed. This adds an additional level of visual information to the image and can influence the interpretation and emotional impact of the photograph. Colors can evoke different moods and convey information about the scene's atmosphere, lighting, and temperature.
Realism and stylization: Color photography tends to be more realistic in terms of representing how we see the world, as it captures colors as we perceive them.  On the other hand, black and white photography is often associated with a more artistic or stylized style, as it allows the photographer to play with light, shadow and contrast in a more dramatic way.
Focus on composition: By eliminating color, black and white photography can make the viewer focus more on the composition and visual elements of the image, such as lines, shapes, and textures. Lack of color can reduce distraction and allow for a deeper appreciation of image detail and structure.

Interpretation and meaning: The use of black and white or color can affect the interpretation and meaning of a photograph. For example, black and white photography is often associated with a classic, nostalgic, or timeless style, while color photography can convey a more direct sense of reality, vitality, or emotional expression.
Ultimately, the choice between black and white photography and color photography depends on the style and effect desired by the photographer, as well as the message that is intended to be conveyed through the image.  Approaches have their own appeal and can be used effectively to create powerful and memorable images.
I Hope You Enjoy..!

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